Odoyo Amoyo

ECPN is a global project with a human face that seeks to address the problem of global warming which is a major concern to most if not all nations on earth. Apart from this social responsibility of the project.. it also aims to uplift the living standards of all its global investors. Help make our global society a better place to live in devoid of our socio-economic or geo-political boundaries. PLANT A TREE SAVE A FAMILY.





Christopher Ogu

Charity Advisor




Senior Leaders

Emmanuel Soubou

Humans are wiping out irreplaceable forests – and the life that depends on them, face a lot of problems. We are losing not only our primeval forests, which regulate our climate and water resources, but also the amazing range of species that call them home. Go Green, methods of production that ECPN is the solution to support & efforts to save the planet. Plant a tree, save a life! Change the world!


(Plant a tree & save a family) That is the motto of ECPN. Our goal is to do something for the society and for all living beings on this earth with the project Go Green. ECPN is an incredible project with a gigantic future potential.



Ssentamu Peter

Oxygen is the air of life every human being and animal needs to live. We get that air in plants and trees, without trees,no I oxygen for humans.


ECPN Token is tipped to bring so much benefit to every holder in the nearest future.

Antoine Gbayoro

we also have the flagship project GO GREEN which is supported by ECPN Token followed by the slogan Plant a tree, save a family. So GO GREEN projects use both social and commercial causes.

Qasemizadeh Tamar

ECPN is one of the best projects with humanitarian goals, this project seeks to provide a more comfortable life for the community by providing services and its high purpose (Go Green) is the best part of this project.

Wilson Zulu

Go green projects are there to save our planet, by planting trees around. ECPN Token is supporting go green projects and its the first token to bridge a gap between go green projects and crypto world. With ECPN together we save our planet. Plant a tree save a family.

Mehegnon lekpai G. Armel

The ECPN project is a great revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, beyond being a cryptocurrency based on the technology of the blockchain ethereum ECPN brings to the world a concrete solution to the problem of global warming with the project Go Green.

Ogunyankin Owolabi

Support ECPN and support its growth.... ecpn token offers a greater and more reliable source of income and investment with the project its offering ......go green and some other projects is lighting ecpn up and making it touch the sky.

Momo Etienne

The ECPN project is a great revolution in the world of cryptocurrencies. ECPN brings to the world a concrete solution to solve the problem of global warming with the project Go Green. ECPN will not be volatile as most Cryptocurrency thanks to its multiple projects with a high return potential.

Lim boon chuan

ECPN has been in the forefront of tuning the blockchain technology into solutions that helps to protect the environment and slow down if not stop the global warming effect



Ayodele Dennis Ogidan

ECPN is a blockchain created to improve human lives both socially and commercially. Through its go green project for eco-friendly purposes and smart contracts for payment of goods and services globally life just got better.

Ariel Gayon

ECPN is not just a token.. it is a wealth and a life. by ecpn you can help the world by go green project with a slogan plant a tree save a family.

Alexsandro Amorim

The ECPN has tackled the problem of global tree and forest clearing as well as helping all investors around the world to have a better life planting trees and planting life all over the world so that we have a good time for ourselves and our people. future generations. quality of life. Lets get together in this beautiful green ecpn project. Together we are stronger. Planting a tree is planting life for all of us.

Mr Babasi

Project ECPN is a better for green world.the mission plant a tree save a family is awesome because all people in the world know that the climate warming and the ice meltings will grow up the degree and we lost every day lots of tree because deforestation. The team is really very strong and very expert in this sector.would say to every person in the world to participate & sponsor in this awesome project and help us to make the world better for us and for our next generation.


PRO(Public Relation Officer)

Miss xuan

I love ECPN!!! When understanding the importance of greenery and the benefits that ECPN brings each of us needs to join hands to contribute to building a green environment by planting lots of trees and responding to the message: Every tree planted will be a commitment to specific actions to combat climate change, a hope for a better and sustainable future by specific actions . Lets grow ECPN vigorously to all parts of the world. Long live the ECPN