ECPN Road Map

2019 Jun


Ecpn organisation upgraded to ECPN Token ( Erc20 ) ethereum based token.

Phase 1,2,3


ECPN Token will start list in different exchanges. In 100 days not only list in many exchanges but also we list in CMC & other relate markets.

Phase 4 Gogreen


From 2020 our GoGreen will start. There are many parts for this project and will be implemented one phase after another.

Phase 5 2020


ECPN Organisation will start faucet app. where all members able to earn ECPN Token freely with spending some time in app.

Phase 6 2020


ECPN organisation will start own ECPN Token Usable programme . One by one will start all usable programme. 1. Recharge app 2. Lottery 3. Games 4. Online Shoping ( ecommerce)

Phase 7 2020


ECPN Organisation will start 2nd mission. 1, Bio- Diesel 2. Bio - gas 3. Bio- compost

Phase 8 2020


ECPN Organisation will start Own exchange,with ECPN Token as base currency.

      More Information         We will update our roadmap time to time.