ECPN Organisation was founded in 2019 with the goal of doing " Go Green " work for the society. ECPN do virtual business with social responsibility. as you know " Resources Aren't Free, They Charge All a Fee". BLOCKCHAIN is the future of financial market. ECPN Token is a smart contract platform on the (ERC20) Ethereum Blockchain . ECPN Token is used for ' Donation ' to "Go Green " project & also ' Investment' purpose for our investor. The Blockchain for Business.

Our Upcoming Projects

we are very much inspired by two slogan “ Plant a tree, save a family ” & “ Adopt a Tree ”. Now a days as we know the polution and global warming are main issue. Becuase we have already cut down many trees and its continue. if all over world we able to plant a tree for a family then we will be succeed to reduce some polution and temprature from this world. Now world population is upto 7 billions . and we think in future ,there have 3 billions family exist. so we decide to plant atleast 3billions plantation in different continent. For this we invite more to more peoples join us , so we easily able to reach in every corner of the world.


After 50 to 100 years, we will use all our crude oil. Crude oil is non productive and its available in nature. Its not increase by our demand.

Organic fertilizer

Many farmers use chemical fertilizers and have noted that even after using chemical fertilizers, the crop yield in their farms have reduced over the years because of continued use of chemical fertilizers, which have depleted their soils. Chemical fertilizers cause acidity and leaching of essential nutrients from the soil. Organic fertilizers do not kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil. They also help improve the structure of the soil including the circulation of air, which sustains beneficial microorganisms that help release nutrients to the soil. Organic fertilizers are derived from animal matter, animal excreta (manure), human excreta, and vegetable matter.

Waste to energy

Waste-to-energy isn’t just a trash disposal method. It’s a way of recovering valuable resources. Waste-to-energy is a vital part of a sustainable waste management chain and is fully complementary to recycling. Our project will focus on ways to eliminate 100% of the emissions and residue in our environment by converting tons of waste into valuable energy through waste-to-energy technology.

Why ECPN Token ?

Ecpn  Token Usability

Ecpn Token

Ecpn Token brings sound money to our investors fulfilling the original promise of crypto" peer- to- peer electronic cash"in the future Ecpn Token shine brightly with unrestricted growth and global adoption, permission less innovation and decentralised developement.All the Ecpn Token holders can also be the owner of Ecpn Coin.All are welcome to join the Ecpn.

Recharge Apps (Coming Soon)

Ecpn Token Recharge app will be available on IOS and Android .
1.Flight booking
2.Hotel booking
3.Dth recharge
4.Tours & Travels , etc.

ECPN Income

Income Generation Prog.
a) Faucets
b) High-low games
c) jackpot games
d) Paying Forums

Plant a Tree & Save a Family   

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